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Brad, Dean, and Diane

Listen as we conclude the PCM Podcast with Brad, Dean, and Diane!

Fun With the Interns

Listen as Jared shares some exciting moments with the summer interns at Partners For Christian Media!

Justin, Linda, and Bob

Listen as Jared sits down with Justin, Bob, and Linda and learns some interesting (and almost true) facts about them!

Clark, Luke, and Shannon

Listen as Jared interviews Clark, Luke, and Shannon about the fun we have here at PCM on a daily basis!

Dawn, Sharon, and Chris

Listen as Jared is outnumbered by the women and gets to know some more of the awesome employees at Partners for Christian Media!

Brett, Stephanie, And Joel

Listen as Jared sits down with Brett, Stephanie, and Joel to get to know them better!

Ted, Fatima, And Richard

Listen as our weekend host, Jared, gets to know some of our employees here at Partners For Christian Media!

Kaitlin and Carson

Listen as Jared sits down with 2 of the Partners For Christian Media part-timers, Carson and Kaitlin, and makes them answer some interesting questions!

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